Summer - Fishing

Fishing in Tyrol: Get a taste of fishing in the Ziller Valley .


Pristine and close to nature: Cast out your fishing rod in the Zillertal and fish your own dinner

The clear, invigorating air. The cloudless sky above you. On the horizon, the mountains reflected in the water in front of you. The float you recently cast out sends uniform rings across the crystal clear water. You raise your eyebrows, stand up: something has taken the bait! Not just anything, but one of our precious natural trout. You reel in the fishing line and contemplate your catch. You bring it back to the valley, where our kitchen team will prepare it for you in the traditional way. Refined with noble herbs it lands on your plate. No matter if you are an experienced fisherman or if you are fishing in alpine waters for the first time: Tyrol and the Zillertal not only offer one of the most beautiful mountain backdrops for your perfect fishing moment, but also excellent fish. Fish to your heart's content on the Zemmbach in Mayrhofen, in the torrent on the Zillergrund or in the Schlegeisspeicher. Try fly fishing in the Zillertal and crown your evening with a home-caught culinary speciality. Try fishing in the Zillertal in Tyrol-even without a fishing license. However, your own equipment is an advantage. More information is available at our reception.

Fly fishing in Tyrol

Unlike traditional angling or fishing, fly fishing uses a very light lure called a fly. It has so little weight that it is too light to cast. Therefore, instead of using the lure as a weight, you use the line's own weight. This requires a very special casting technique. Special fishing tackle is also necessary for fly fishing in Tyrol. Fly fishing in Tyrol and everywhere else in the world requires special skill, endurance, strength and patience. All efforts are rewarded with breath taking mountain panoramas and unforgettable impressions of nature and, with a little luck and skill, also with a delicious brown trout, which we will gladly prepare for you. Try fly fishing in Tyrol at Schlegeisspeicher and discover a new, nature-loving passion.

Our Trout

We want our trout to grow and feel comfortable in their natural habitat. That's why they spend their entire lives in the Ziller and in our waters in the Stilluptal in crystal clear, completely unpolluted mountain water. You will notice the difference not only when you look at your catch, but also later when it has been prepared for you by our chefs in our Resort Hotel Neuhaus. Fishing with us in the Zillertal in Tyrol is an impressive nature experience that culminates in a pleasurable highlight. Interested? We would be happy to inform you directly at our Resort Hotel Neuhaus.

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