Sauna & More
at our Hotel
in Mayrhofen .

The Kamillendörfl is your stylish world of well-being. Of warmth and boundless wellness happiness.


Camomile is a native plant and has been known for centuries for its healing properties. In our Resort Hotel Neuhaus it not only lends its name to our sauna area in the Zillertal – it can also be found in many places. In the form of exquisite natural products from Thalgo and Alpienne. As an infusion in our resort hotel with sauna area. And of course in the camomile blossom steam bath. It's not just the camomile that reminds you of the Zillertal mountains. The Zillertal sauna room, for example, is lined with local spruce and Swiss stone pine wood. In the rock crystal bath you can feel the power of a special mineral. In the cold water gorge, our Kneipp pool, you stimulate the circulation with ice-cold, crystal-clear mountain water.

Stone sauna 

Hot stones radiate their heat from below. This makes the stone sauna – the hottest sauna in the Saunadörfl with 95 °C - the ideal remedy for back and lower back pain. Sweat in the unique ambience and feel reborn.

Zillertal sauna parlour

Inspired by the Zillertal mountain nature, the sauna room pampers you with local spruce and Swiss stone pine wood and the pleasant warmth of 70 °C. Soothing infusion concentrates of camomile or eucalyptus feel good on the skin and have a liberating effect on your respiratory tract.

Helix – shell reservoir  

In the gentle radiant heat bath, your core body temperature is slowly and steadily raised. This is followed by a mild heat and steam experience. This strengthens the immune system and, above all, allows you to enjoy with all your senses – accompanied by the cascading water and ambient background music. To fully experience each section of the reservoir, we recommend taking half an hour.

Rock crystal bath 

Mild radiant heat, which gently penetrates your body through your skin from benches and walls, combines with soothing natural aromas for steam inhalation and the mystical rock crystal, which was already valued in the Middle Ages for its healing powers. Its clear light is said to awaken hidden talents, strengthen resilience and give us the courage to tread new paths. It promotes sleep and is even said to help with skin blemishes. For maximum hygiene, our gemstone grotto is cleaned for you daily by heat disinfection.

Camomile blossom steam bath

In combination with stimulating and at the same time relaxing radiant heat, the essential oils escaping from the fresh chamomile blossoms unfold their manifold healing powers. They have an anti-inflammatory, soothing and nurturing effect - for every skin type. At the same time, chamomile beguiles the senses with its pleasant aroma. A bucket of clear water is emptied over the sauna stove in your own niche at a temperature of around 55 °C. The water mixes with the chamomile flowers, which then distribute their precious ingredients throughout the cabin over the steam. If you get too warm during the bath, a Kneipp hose is at your disposal. Our recommendation: Treat yourself to a massage after the chamomile blossom steam bath. Now the skin is particularly receptive to our essential oils.

Cold water gorge & Kneipp basin

Ideal after a sauna session: revive your circulation in the ice-cold water of the Kneipp stream. The Kneipp cold water therapy not only has a relaxing effect and promotes circulation; it also strengthens the veins and foot muscles and lifts your spirits. At the end of the Kneipp stream a special challenge awaits you. The waterfall shower – take the plunge and enjoy a long-lasting, invigorated feeling.

The Kneipp pool has a similarly soothing and revitalising effect to the cold-water plunge - only in a slightly milder way. Wade through the cold water of the pool integrated into the rock wall and literally feel how your circulation is stimulated and tired legs are awakened and refreshed.


Water, air, light and sun (in German: Wasser, Luft, Licht, Sonne) are combined in our small fresh air garden and that is where the name comes from. You can reach the fresh air garden via the rock walkway. Barefoot is best, because the specially paved stones act like a foot massage.

Swiss Pine rest

Enjoy this in the lovingly designed room with tiled stove, the "Zirbenruhe". Specially made loungers, which optimally adapt to the body, promote the feeling of well-being, peace and relaxation – especially after an extensive sauna session. Let yourself fall and forget the time. For a moment. For an hour. For as long as you like.