Your Swimming
Pool in the
Zillertal .

When we swim, we simply feel good. Why is that? Perhaps it's because water is so inseparable from ourselves. It is the first element we come into contact with. Here at the Neuhaus Zillertal Resort Hotel with pool, we have made sure that you enjoy a magnificent view of the Zillertal and the many mountains from the water.


We ensure that the temperatures are always pleasantly mild at 29 °C in our indoor swimming pool - all year round. So you can also let yourself drift in winter – while the snowflakes fall softly and wrap your alpine holiday world in a versatile white. Take a dip in our heated swimming pool - during the winter months - in the Zillertal (starting christmas 2021) – or venture into our 1,000 m² natural swimming lake. Between Penken and Ahorn. Right in the centre of alpine discovery.


Cosy panoramic loungers and pleasantly tempered water in the pool meet walls of glass behind which nature unfolds. Watch the seasons transform the world as you dive in and are carried by the water for a feeling of weightlessness. Your gaze rests on the garden, which from your perspective merges almost seamlessly with the surrounding nature of the Zillertal Alps. The water depth inside and outside our swimming pool in the Zillertal is 1.38 metres. In the whirlpool, however, it is around 80 centimetres.


Nestled in lush greenery and the alpine mountains, our swimming pool in the Zillertal shimmers in playful, light blue tones. Invites you to dive in and forget the world for a while. In our hotel with pool you can relax just as you like – and for as long as you like. Numerous sun loungers and plenty of green space with secluded shady spots tempt you to do sweet nothing. Just to stay here and indulge in idleness. Can you resist the temptation? We think that simply switching off is just as much a part of a holiday in the Zillertal as skiing or conquering the summits. With us you can enjoy it – with a clear conscience.

Natural bathing pond

Like a small, shimmering green pearl, our 1,000 m² natural bathing lake lies between the local mountains Ahornspitze, Grünberg and Penken. Refreshes with natural water and delights with a children's water playground. At the same time, you will find peace and relaxation all around. Feel weightless on the gently rocking relaxation beds. Feel the sun on your skin as you stretch out on the sun loungers. Shade is provided by umbrellas that you can put up or take down as you please. After a relaxing sunbath, enjoy the sunset over our local mountains with an aperitif on the terrace of our lakeside restaurant, directly by our natural bathing lake.

swimming in the garden 

Sunset & blue hour

What is the golden hour elsewhere is the blue hour here. Unlike in flat areas, the sun sets a little earlier behind the mountains. And it still stays bright for quite a while. It is a very special light that touches Zillertal, our hotel and our pool. A soft blue, a feeling of timelessness and even the animals seem to enjoy this spectacle, because all of a sudden it becomes very quiet. A smile plays across your face as you sit back and arrive – entirely in the here and now, on your holiday in Mayrhofen.