15,000 m²
Garden Area
at Neuhaus in

The garden area around your Resort Hotel Neuhaus in Mayrhofen is a quiet natural jewel, surrounded by nature and the mountain world of the Alps. An oasis in the midst of an oasis that seems to stretch to the horizon.


Our garden site extends over 15,000 m². It is a rambling and romantic garden, a garden you can taste and a retreat and sunny meadow. Pick your own fresh strawberries, redcurrants, or gooseberries in the nibbling garden. Walk under the treetops of our ancient fruit trees when the apple trees and cherry trees blossom white and pink. Numerous retreats such as a pavilion, cosy nests, rocking loungers and sunbeds invite you to sunbathe. Or take a nap in the shade. The 100 m² outdoor pool and the 1,000 m² natural bathing lake provide the necessary cooling on hot summer days. The garden area and everything that goes with it is part of our Resort Hotel Neuhaus in Mayrhofen and exclusively accessible for you.

Tasting garden 

Guests young and old will find magical surprises, plenty of space to relax and countless details to discover in the garden area at our Neuhaus in Mayrhofen. For example there is our snacking garden, where you can collect and enjoy small, healthy delicacies all by yourself. Stroll through our garden in the Neuhaus and pick strawberries, redcurrants, or gooseberries. Nibbling is expressly permitted here – as often and as much as you want.

Romantic garden

Our entire garden area at Neuhaus in Mayrhofen is a place of romance. But above all, the ancient fruit trees from their centuries old position create a noble atmosphere of enjoyment. A feeling of lightness, coupled with a sense of home and wildly romantic longing. Depending on the season, our Romantic Garden presents itself differently and uniquely. In spring, the cherry blossoms and apple blossoms glow in white and pink. In summer and autumn, you can pick the ripe Tyrolean apples from our old meadow or relax in the shade of the old apple trees, at the small biotope where the water lilies bloom. A small bridge leads over it to the chapel, which was co-designed by the Austrian sculptor & artist Karl Obleitner. In winter, the snow falls softly and the romantic garden becomes a magical winter world. Many of our rooms, suites and apartments are enchanted with a magnificent view of our Romantic Garden.


There are countless shady, sunny and nature-loving favourite spots in our garden. Little by little, you will discover more of them, fall in love with one place or another and make your own personal piece of garden your retreat – to feel good, take a deep breath and enjoy life in a completely natural way. On your journey of discovery, you take a break in the pavilion, cross romantic bridges over idyllic waters, relax on the footbridges and listen to the gentle splashing. Even we are always discovering new small and large wonders of nature – because just as the world is always changing, so is our garden - always blossoming, thriving and inspiring anew. In summer and in winter.

Natural bathing lake

In the middle of Mayrhofen, in the garden of our Resort Hotel Neuhaus, a natural bathing lake is at your disposal. Relax around this sparkling natural idyll whenever you like and enjoy the panorama of our local mountains, which, when viewed from our natural bathing lake, almost seem as if they were part of our garden complex. Boundaries don’t apply here because the mountains are definitely part of your holiday experience.  The summer mountain cable car and ski lifts are only a few minutes away from your Neuhaus.