Tyrolean Parlours .
An Ambience like
back then .

Where history comes alive, tradition lives. Our original Tyrolean parlours in Mayrhofen are full of cosy corners, retreats and comfort.

  1. Restaurant

Most of our parlours were "modernised" around 150 years ago between 1850 and 1880 and became fashionable guest rooms. Today they are not quite as fashionable, but the conviviality still comes naturally. They are as a piece of yesteryear still lives on in the old, restored walls, a piece of history that becomes part of your holiday feeling with us in Mayrhofen. In winter, enjoy delicious greetings from our restaurant in front of the crackling fireplace or enjoy a glass of  wine from our excellent selection while you warm yourself by the tiled stove, listen to exciting conversations or simply close your eyes and feel the tradition that still lives here. Our Tyrolean parlours in Mayrhofen were witness of days long past and still evoke that feeling of yesteryear today. Sometimes it almost seems as if the clocks tick more slowly here. As if conversations were more animated, as if everything tasted a little better. As if a piece of that feeling for life from the old days lives on here and inspires you anew every day.

Artistry immortalised in rooms.

In our Tyrolean parlours in Mayrhofen you will discover new masterpieces every time, carvings conjured up by artistic hands many decades or even centuries ago, fine fabrics from days gone by, artistic lead glazing and original paintings that have captured the attitude to life of yesteryear and let you share in it. Enjoy in our stone pine parlour, warm yourself at the tiled stove in our wine tavern and try regional specialities in the sunshine in our garden restaurant. Things get even greener around our garden restaurant and bistro by the natural bathing lake. In the end, you decide which is your favourite place. If you want, every day anew.

Sometimes it almost seems as if the clocks are ticking more slowly here. As if the conversations were more animated. As if everything tastes a little better. As if a piece of that old-time attitude to life lives on here - and inspires you anew every day.