Your Hosts .
Family Moigg .

To pass on from generation to generation what we value and enjoy. That is our promise to ourselves.


Hosts for generations

With us, the whole family is firmly connected & rooted to the region, agriculture and our hotel businesses. And this has been the case for a long, long time. We, the Moigg family, are grateful that we were and are allowed to actively shape Mayrhofen and the Zillertal - so that it will also be preserved for future generations. With all its alpine natural treasures, its traditional wealth and its wonderful power spots. That is why we have focused on sustainability from the very beginning. Because we are one with nature, with the mountains and the valley and everything that lives, blossoms and thrives in them. We are hosts because we love Mayrhofen and the Zillertal - and because we want to share this love. So that you can look back with a smile after your holiday and say to yourself: This is where I like to be, this is where I want to come back to.

Tradition with a future

When the original Gasthaus Neuhaus was rebuilt in the 1920s to become one of the first hotels in Mayrhofen in the Zillertal, they wanted one thing above all: to be modern. That is why the rooms were designed in the then modern Art Nouveau style with Tyrolean influence. In 1955, grandfather Moigg built Mayrhofen's first cinema. In 1964 the first indoor swimming pool. And today we are still a house that is completely oriented towards the future. Tradition in the Neuhaus Zillertal Resort Hotel has grown naturally, authentically and genuinely - almost as a side effect of the many years of life that our hotel has already had. Tradition is our heritage and at the same time the foundation of progress. For us, progress means being sustainable. Energy efficiency, short delivery routes, regionality and the smallest possible ecological footprint are just as much a part of this as the most modern living comfort and being technologically up to date. This is how we combine yesterday with tomorrow. The result is a today in which you can enjoy your holiday. Diverse. Varied. Valuable.

A lively place that has been changing for generations, but at its heart remains as it is.

We love nature because we are nature.

As passionate farmers, we know how precious nature is – and how fragile the balance in which everything in the world finds itself. Small changes can have big consequences – we make sure they are positive ones every day. That's why we focus on regional and seasonal products and thus shorten our delivery routes. Much of it even comes from our own farm. Our garden is a relaxing refuge for you – just as it is for animals and plants. A place of development and freedom. We have also set ourselves the goal of becoming climate-neutral within the next few years. And we are convinced that we will achieve this goal. With your holiday at the Neuhaus Zillertal Resort Hotel, you will walk a part of this path with us – and experience an unforgettable alpine time in this mountain world worth protecting with the best conscience.