Our Restaurant in Mayrhofen in the Zillertal Valley .

This is what regional diversity tastes like.

What comes from this region it tastes even better. That's why the ingredients that we transform into culinary specialities in our restaurant and inn in Mayrhofen in the Zillertal come from the nearby surroundings. With our own farm, we even go one step further. You can look forward to homemade, home-baked and pure nature from our own garden and own production and enjoy recipes from yesteryear with our restaurant in Mayrhofen, sometimes interpreted in a modern way, sometimes completely traditional. You can enjoy your delicacies always in front of the breath-taking mountain scenery, surrounded by lots of greenery, with a wonderful view of the natural bathing pond, garden and the inspiring alpine world.


Choose what you like best.

Freshly baked bread and rolls, milk, cheese and yoghurt, freshly picked fruit, vegetables, herbs, jams, juices and much more. At the various stations in our marketplace we have arranged the precious ingredients of a mountain breakfast for you in such a way that it is also pleasing to the eye. Simply choose what you fancy at that moment. Once your plate is full, head out to the terrace by the natural bathing lake or into the rustic parlour, where the sun awakens your spirits. Enjoy good things from the nature that surrounds you and discover the Zillertal with your palate – even for breakfast. Also during the afternoon snack you can help yourself to your heart's content at the many & varied stations – and for your evening meal we prepare delicious side dishes at the marketplace. Some of the stations at our marketplace are the bakery with homemade farmhouse bread, the cheese dairy with our original Zillertal mountain cheese and from selected suppliers from very close to the region. At the butcher's stand we spoil you with fine sausage and ham specialities. A muesli station with regional yoghurt variations promises particularly vital breakfast enjoyment – just like the juice room with juice centrifuges and homemade smoothies. Do you love eggs in the morning? We'll prepare your egg dish just the way you like it at the front cooking stand – from savoury to sweet, it's all here. Finally, the aroma of freshly brewed coffee beckons you to our Meinl coffee station – enjoy your morning coffee while being inspired by the alpine panorama.

À la carte

Zillertal mountain world á la carte

We can’t tell you about our á la Carte Restaurant and Inn in Mayrhofen in the Zillertal without our mouths watering. Yet we have already tasted it so many times. The freshly harvested vegetables from our farmer's gardens, fresh veal that really melts in your mouth and of course one of the many specialities of our house. Alpine trout from local waters. Refined with local herbs and brought to perfection by our experienced chefs, who enchant you daily with new refined ideas for enjoyment. 365 days a year. Always from 11:00 to 23:00. Discover the genuine taste of the Zillertal in the Tyrolean guest garden or in our rustic parlours, which revive the spirit of yesteryear.


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Our Agriculture

Our agriculture is home that you can taste.

Our own agriculture is a real affair of the heart. It has to be because this is the only way to make our vegetables crunchy, our meat tender and our herbs so incomparably tasty. And only in this way can we live up to our claim of pampering you with genuine Zillertal culinary delights during your holiday in the Zillertal. Look forward to home-distilled Meisterwurz-schnapps from our Stillup Alm, bacon from our own animals, naturally matured and refined. Catch your own trout from the Zillergrund streams – we will prepare it for you for dinner. And let us inspire you every day anew. From breakfast to afternoon snack to dinner. For hotel guests as well as for all those who just drop by to enjoy the rustic parlours in our inn in Mayrhofen in the Zillertal. By the way, this also includes the inhabitants of the Zillertal themselves. And we are particularly proud of that.


Celebrate alpine high spirts with us

And much more. A wedding in the countryside and the mountains as witnesses. A company anniversary where you can confidently leave the daily routine in the office or on the construction site. A special birthday that makes you forget how old you actually are. No matter what the occasion, no matter how big or small, how enjoyable or exuberant your celebration should be, we offer a very special ambience for it. Get together in our cosy parlours, celebrate in the moonlight on the terrace, toast at the bistro by the natural lake in which the sky is reflected and look forward to the evening when our regional and seasonal cuisine and thousands of twinkling stars crown your special day. Let us toast to the good life and remember how precious the people we share it with are.

The second half of a perfect moment of pleasure is ...

... the place where you experience it. With us, you enjoy good things where they are grown. And the Ahornspitze, the Tristner and the Grünberg vie for your attention with the artful presentation on your plate. From our light-flooded marketplace, head out onto the terrace, where your favourite spot awaits you. Or into one of our parlours, where the walls tell of a time when many things were different. But not the pleasure, because many of our ingredients still grow in the Bauerngartln. Our cows also graze on the same alpine pastures. The world has changed, but not the feeling that lives on in our Neuhaus.

our parlours

A piece of tradition and Zillertal with every bite of your fork. Two pairs of eyes meeting over a glass of wine. Longing in the heart. And mountains on the horizon. 

About time, pleasure
and a very special
restaurant in the Zillertal. 

Great things await you at Hotel & Restaurant Neuhaus in Mayrhofen in the Zillertal. Sometimes also in small portions. But always prepared with love. Just as we have grown over generations, so too are our recipes, lovingly staged by our kitchen team. And the many trees, in our 15,000 m² Romantic Garden, which were once smaller than a blade of grass. Tradition and the element of time run through all the rooms of our hotel in the Zillertal, and also through our culinary offer, like a red thread. Our own farming teaches us that good things need time to grow and flourish. So our chefs take their time to prepare authentic Tyrolean delicacies for you. Just like in the days when you could only tell the time from clocks. We invite you, too, to take your time during your holiday with us in Mayrhofen and to concentrate entirely on taste.

That's not so easy with the panorama that surrounds you. For us, taking time also means letting your fork rest and looking at the two-thousand-metre peaks that glow orange and pink all around you as the sun sets behind the Grünberg. Stroll through our herb garden, the orchard, around the natural bathing lake. Refresh yourself with an aperitif and summer cocktails at the bistro right next to it. Or treat yourself to an ice cream speciality from our ice cream buffet. Enjoy together at our large tables, especially for families or meet over a glass of wine from our wine cellar while your offspring enjoy treats from the special children's menu. In the evenings, live music brings people together in the guest garden or in the cosy lounge corners. Accompanied by traditional to modern sounds and the chirping of the crickets that accompany balmy summer evenings with their song as they did centuries ago.

Our garden restaurant: art, nature & a far-reaching view

Around the market square, our garden restaurant combines state-of-the-art design elements with exclusive classic eye-catchers and pure nature in the changing seasons. The floor-to-ceiling window fronts provide a view of the natural bathing lake and our garden area. In summer and at warm temperatures in every season, the covered wooden terrace entices you to enjoy and stay longer. The view of the local mountains Ahorn, Tristner, Grünberg and Penken awakens your wanderlust and makes you long for the mountains. Valuable natural materials such as stone, dark wood and precious natural fabrics create a perfect contrast to the precious design elements such as the Guaxs vases, modern art figures and many original works of art by well-known Tyrolean painters from over two centuries.

The garden restaurant areas

Wander through a world of indulgence that is at the same time a connecting point between the past and the future. Stylishly arranged furniture forms an inspiring symbiosis with the natural bathing lake and the Zillertal mountains on the horizon, allowing modern design pieces to meet high-quality, tasteful interiors. With a wine gallery that adjoins the glassed-in wine room and offers a view of valuable wine exhibits. In the flower window with round arch, your moment of enjoyment is ennobled by a sweeping view of the romantic garden, while in the orchard area you can gaze at the old fruit trees through high windows. The favourite place makes the name the programme: here you relax in your own quiet corner directly behind the bistro bar, which spoils you with delicious refreshments and local highlights. Furnished with high-quality Freifrau chairs under an original Venetian Murano glass chandelier. Also, come together in a private atmosphere in the Tower Room – with a large round table for unforgettable encounters – exclusively for groups and families.

Light and colours

The warm colour tones – from blue to green to orange – determine the emotional world of the restaurant areas. They only come into their own thanks to an excellently designed lighting concept that combines Tom Dixon designer lamps with noble luminaires from our regional partner Prolicht. This modern arrangement is complemented by classic elements such as the original Venetian crystal chandelier made of Murano glass. Light also comes from outside, of course – it lends the areas of the garden restaurant a special charm that, in the interplay of the seasons, always inspires, stimulates and makes you want to sit down for longer.

Art meets pleasure

Art has a high priority throughout the Neuhaus Zillertal Resort Hotel. In the corridors and rooms you will find many originals – works that look back on over 200 years of Tyrolean art history. Which authentically depict the old Tyrol and convey a feeling of what it was like back then. In our restaurant area, art lovers can marvel at local artists. Among them are Herbert Danler, Thomas Walch, who depicted Tyrol at the time of Andreas Hofer in his works, Leo Putz, Anton Christian and also young artists like Markus Bacher. The host family Moigg has a special interest in paintings by local artists. Particularly exceptional exhibits are, for example, the colour woodcuts by Carl Moser and the watercolours by Peter Prandstetter.

In our restaurant area, art lovers can marvel at local artists.

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