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Lots of water, space, views and wellness - for you and your loved ones.

Towards the future even more lively, even more sustainable, even more diverse.

We are bursting with anticipation because great new things are being created here with us – at the Neuhaus Zillertal Resort – and we are happy to finally be able to share this news with you.

With breathtaking views, light-flooded window fronts, a design close to nature and warm colors, a true place of well-being is being created here in our Neuhaus Zillertal Resort - our new 5,800 m² bathhouse.

new for you

25 m Infinity pool

with a far view of the Zillertal mountains.

Adults-Only Spa

for more rest and relaxation.

25 m Indoor Pool

with panoramic garden gallery.


and warmth with a view.


for cuddling together.


over three floors.

Seppi’s Water world

for young and old.


with relax pool..

Thermal groundwater energy

Our favorite color is green.

Our goal is to establish a CO₂-neutral energy supply using thermal groundwater energy and renewable radiation energy. For us, from 2024 onwards, sustainability will not only go up with the expansion of photovoltaic systems, but also down with the future groundwater heat pumps. Our new bathhouse, including all wellness and spa areas, is supplied with 100% climate-friendly energy. Not only that, all Neuhaus buildings are also supplied by our sustainable energy network.


Water march! For our youngest guests.

A 90 meter long slide over three floors and an extra baby and children's pool: welcome to Seppi's water paradise! Our mascot Seppi, the most active marmot in the world, will have a lot of fun watching the hustle and bustle at the edge of the pool and spending the day with our youngest guests in the new children's water world. And so that our Seppi feels at home in our Neuhaus, we have dedicated our new children's bathing world to Seppi's hometown - the Stilluptal.

Seppi and his friends Flora, Grunz and Co. are always there when splashing around in the wild water world with splash figures, waterfalls and fountains or on a fast ride in the slide world with mini, children's, tube and wave slides. Almost as if you were in the middle of the Stilluptal and on a great adventure.

After so much action and slide fun, relaxation is the order of the day. In our warming textile sauna you can enjoy a sauna session together with your children. Afterwards, cozy family bunks and the family relaxation room invite you to relax.


More water, relaxation and exercise.

A look outside – nature and the Zillertal mountains as far as the eye can see. Our new adults-only area offers more water, peace and wellness on four floors. In the 25m long outdoor infinity and indoor gallery pool you will find weightless relaxation and exercise at the same time. Do your laps, take a dip or let yourself be exhilarated by the bubbling of the whirlpool. With an incomparable view of Mayrhofen's local mountains and our green gardens with natural swimming lake.

More space for rest and movement, but don't worry,
green remains our favorite color.

Sauna area

Naturally hot. Warmth with a view.

Heat up and cool down in our new sauna area with soothing infusions that get under your skin. In the future, our new wellness area will score points with new saunas including a view: the large event panoramic sauna, which will give you a first-row, experience of nature, especially thanks to an incomparable view, and our pleasantly temperature-controlled organic sauna. There are also infrared cabins and loungers.

Our ice mist walk offers fine ice water, dry cold and a gentle cooling down after a sauna session or a strenuous hike at any time of the year.

Relaxation rooms

Inspired by nature. Relax.

In soft tones, inspired by the surrounding natural diversity with large panoramic windows, a crackling fireplace and cozy, soft relaxation rooms and beds, the new relaxation rooms are a true paradise for quiet nature lovers: Here you can relax after swimming or taking a sauna, while enjoying the breathtaking view over our romantic garden with natural swimming lake up to Mayrhofen's local mountains. Free thinkers will find their favorite place in the loungers on our sun terrace. Plan new things together, review what you've experienced: then our chat lounge is the perfect place. Chatting or, as they say in the Zillertal, “Hoagascht” is expressly permitted here.

Wellness treatments

Stop time. Pamper yourself.

You already know the expression with the soul that one likes to let dangle. If this is accompanied by a mindful, effective massage, then the soul dangles2. And when you add an inviting, new spa reception and six treatment rooms with a calm, warm and natural design, a very special moment of well-being is created.

So well-being guaranteed! Choose between a radiant appearance or a pampering program and look forward to massages, peelings, wraps and much more.

New water lily pond

Sun salutation with lake or mountain views.

With us you can experience nature with all your senses: smell the scent of the flowers, hear the splashing of the water and feel the cooling wind on your skin. A place for active relaxation is being created around our newly created water lily pond. A place of power to leave everyday life behind. Wooden platforms invite you to do yoga, meditate or simply do nothing. Arrive, switch off.  Feel the beneficial effects of our romantic garden.

So close to Tyrolean nature, so far from everyday’s life.

Work-sport balance

More space for movement and concentration.

It brings movement. An active lifestyle strengthens your immune system & prevents illnesses, supports a positive body image and increases well-being through moments of success and happiness. The new movement space will make every athlete's heart beat faster. A place of power where you can devote yourself to meditation or yoga.

New suites

A feeling of coming home.

How deeply can you sink into the cozy bliss of a soothing sleep? In eleven new family suites, true relaxation is no longer a dream, even for families. Two separate bedrooms, a timeless design, a dose of cosiness and the view of the Zillertal mountains ensure space and a feeling of homeliness. Perfect for families of 3 and 4.

As part of the new building, we are also renovating existing rooms in our spa house: you can expect warm, natural colors, paired with a partly modern, partly traditional living culture.


Favorite place for little heroes & young adventurers.

For our young guests, the Zillertal nature is the most beautiful playground: Our natural playground, made primarily of natural materials, imparts knowledge about nature in a playful way and promotes environmentally conscious thinking. A viewing hill with a slide, various swings, a climbing frame, outdoor table tennis and much more invite you to play and discover. There are comfortable seating areas under shady fruit trees.

Come on! Get into the adventure!